Safety Tips

Tip 1 : If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is 

Scammers often use high-quality pictures and low rent prices to lure users into viewing and responding to ads.  

Be wary of a room that is suspiciously cheap for its location compared to other similar listings.  Also be aware that photos showing rooms that appear ‘too clean’ and without any personal items in the picture, may indicate a scam.

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Tip 2 : Always communicate through the Roomgo mailbox

Scammers will not want to be tracked by our moderation system. For this reason, they are likely to try and direct the conversation out of our platform - by text, personal email etc. By keeping all communication within Roomgo chat, there will be a record on our database in case you do get scammed.  

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Tip 3 : Protect your private data: never send sensitive documents or info

We advise you to never share any personal or financial information, or send documents before seeing the room in person. There is no reason why a landlord needs to have this information before an agreement has been made. 

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Tip 4 : Never transfer money without seeing the room

To avoid getting caught, fake landlords are likely to opt for hard-to-trace methods of receiving money from their victims such as Western Union, Moneygram, Bitcoin or MoneyPak.  If a ‘landlord’ suggests such methods- be aware that they may not be what they seem.

You are right to be suspicious of any landlord who asks for money upfront. To cut down the chances of fraud, insist on seeing the property before sending any payment. Any good landlord will have no problem with a prospective tenant visiting the property before any agreement is made or money paid.

When you schedule a visit remember to double check the website advertisement compared to how the place looks in real life. And if you arrange any meetings, do them in a public place. 

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Tip 5 : Beware of fake real estate agents posing as Roomgo

Keep in mind that Roomgo is a classified site where the users are in total control of their search. We are not an agency and we do not interfere in the financial arrangements or agreements between members. We will never contact you to confirm a viewing or ask for a deposit to book a room for you.

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Tip 6 : If you have a doubt contact our Customer Service

It’s better to be safe than sorry.  We have a customer service team who are passionate about helping you with any problems you have with our site. Please don’t hesitate to drop us an email at and we will answer within a few hours, or speak to us directly by calling 0044 203 695 8756.

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