Why should I subscribe to my email alerts?

When you subscribe to our mailing list, you’ll be the first to hear about new adverts or search profiles that are added and meet your requirements.What email alerts am I going to receive?
Daily summary alerts: We send a daily summary of adverts or profiles posted within 24 hours that match your criteria

New room - instant alerts: Looking for a room? You’ll be notified instantly when new rooms that match your search are published (maximum of 10 per day)

Message and interest alerts: Other than new advert/profile notifications, we let you know when new messages and interests are sent to your Roomgo inbox, so you don’t miss them

Promotions and tips: You’ll receive exclusive offers, tips, website updates, surveys, and occasional deals from our partners. How do I edit my preferences?

You can change your preferences at anytime by going to “Account Settings”, then “Email alerts”.

Please note as long as your advert/profile is live on the website, there will be some emails that you won't be able to opt-out from:

Notifications that you’ve not logged in for over 10 days
Any emails related to your Premium membership
Other emails related to your account, your security or privacy

To stop receiving these emails and terminate your search, you will need to deactivate your ad.

To find out how to deactivate your room advert, click here
To find out how to deactivate your search profile, click here

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